It started with me taking things apart in my Grandad's shed and I soon found I had a skill for isolating a problem and understanding how to fix it.

As an apprentice at 16, I made tea and got to clean up a lot but also learned the fundamentals of car maintenance, repairs and servicing of all makes and models of cars.  Growing up in Devon I had opportunities to work on agricultural vehicles, specialist cars and motorbikes and my favourite - Land Rovers.

Fast forward to 2020 and apart from not ageing one bit (!) I have extended my skills and experience to full diagnostics, plugging into vehicles and embracing technology. I don't think there is a make of car that I haven't actually worked on but I do love a challenge if you have a tricky problem that hasn't been solved!


Pop along to the workshop in the new development, The Courtyard Business centre, 48 Lynch Lane in Weymouth and lets get your car sorted. 

Vintage Car